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The Chonga Clan in Ngwedo

The Chonga Clan in Ngwedo. In early 1921 the grand son of Conga set his journey from eastern part of DRC Congo place called Jagi could come to hunt hippos because hippos meat is good and help in pregnant women deliver baby with healthy skin and help them deliver normal, one day, Chonga and his team speared hippos and ran with the spear into the water and they started following the speared hippo, not until the crossed the lake Albert up to Chogo Liech. After they have crossed the lake Albert for hunting they found that there was a lot of animal roam on the eastern side of the lake than the other side. So, they made a dug canoe and they started crossing occasionally.

The Chonga Clan in Buliisa History

One day, Chonga had misunderstanding with the team and he decided to cross to the eastern side of the lake and moved little deep inside the park and ended up meeting with Acholi hunting camp and from there he settled on one of the pambu and named it Pachonga.

The Chonga Clan in Ngwedo

His friend also followed him onward and the Chonga clan expended in that hill. Later Chonga went back and married from Jalusiga clan and produced 11 children these were;
Peter Chonga, Onega Chonga, Tanashi Chonga, and Pajao. These were the men Chonga had though in a clan girls were not considered because when they get married they leave home that why they are not counted.

Who was the head of Pajao?

When these people settled and the family’s expanded Pajao became the first man to discover the waterfalls that was in early 70s when drought hit the areas and he start following the sound of the waterfalls that could roam in the night and one day he decided to discover what could be the sound of the water. Then he track and found that it’s was waterfalls. So the waterfalls was named after him because he could fetch the water and pour on the hunt hill and he could wait at night and harvest white ants and he could take the ants home and the people at home could get surprise. They could ask him, where did you got the ants on this drought, he could respond to to them just eat Eni Pajao. That how the waterfalls got its name “Pajao”.


Peter Chonga decided to stay next to his father, and Onega Chonga moved to angweda which is now turned to Ngwedo which is currently located in Buliisa district the name came from the time animals became less in the areas and the clan had to find alternative to survive the drought