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Preliminary Report for 2023

Preliminary Report for 2023. Last year the school ended very well though there were very many challenges that we also encountered during the course of the Term. We would like to thank you our grand sponsors for the endless support that you rendered Mubaku Bright Future Nursery and Primary School and we managed to finish the Academic year successfully.

The school managed to produce 4 (Four) candidates who successfully sat for their Primary Leaving Examinations (U.C.E). These candidates were in the names of:

P.7 Candidates who sat in 2023

  1. Alinda Winny
  2. Kyosaba Flavia
  3. Ayomirwoth Selsa
  4. Giramia Mary Precious

Furthermore, the School enrolled 159 Pupils and out of these numbers, 07 (Seven) Pupils dropped out of School due to unavoidable circumstances and also others due to Lack of financial support and sickness that could not allow them continue further with their education.

The school also managed to Graduate 17 Pupils from Nursery to P.1, of which the function took place at the School Premises where the Graduates were given Certificate of Completion of Nursery Education by the School. The following were the Pupils who Graduated from Nursery to P.1:

List of Top Class Graduate in 2023

  1. Kayeny Parwoth Mary Charity
  2. Pikwo Immaculate
  3. Mungudit Christopher
  4. Ogenrwoth Jeremiah
  5. Nyamungu Ever line
  6. Yikparwoth Angel
  7. Mungutimo Nelly
  8. Atim Joy Nicole
  9. Aheebwa Joshua
  10. Kirungi Proscovia
  11. Tumwine Denis
  12. Lwanga Aaron Milan
  13. Masereka Jonathan
  14. Wamni Pius
  15. Opio Emmanuel
  16. Acen Christine
  17. Madithrwoth Rodgers

However, the Rest of the Classes that is From Baby class – P.6 was 138 in total numbers. P.1 was 15 in Numbers, Baby class had 14 Pupils, Middle had 14 Pupils, P2. were 21 in total, P.3 was 33 in numbers, P.4 was 17 in Total, P.5 was 14 and then lastly P.6 was only 07 in numbers.

The school closed off for Term III Holidays on 30th Nov 2023 and the Children were expected to report back for the New Academic year on 29th Jan 2024. The Teachers were also expected to report back a week earlier than the Pupils so as to allow them prepare well before the Term starts.

Financially, the School managed to generate a Gross Revenue of Ugx 3.9m out of the expected 6m ugx, meaning a balance of ugx 1.8M remained as uncleared fees balance which really hindered the school day -to – day operations but we managed to sail through a midst various challenges.

On the matters of Discipline, the pupils were generally disciplined because we didn’t record any indiscipline case both from the Children and the Teachers and we encourage them to continue with the same spirit.

Preliminary Report for 2023 – Conclusion

In conclusion therefore, we are very grateful to you our Founders, our directors, and the General staffs for all the sleepless nights that you all are spending just to make sure that the Pupils of Mubaku Bright Future have a Bright future just like the name of their School so as to also be in position to compete positively in this challenging economy of our Country Uganda, May the Good Lord Bless you all Amen.