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Get Involved

Getting involved in most of our project will help us achieve the goal and target in time.

Getting involved in any of  the  project! There are various ways you can contribute to community initiatives. Here are some general steps you can take. Identify your interests in one of our project focuses, Whether it’s environmental sustainability, education, health, or social justice.

Volunteer with us in any of our projects. offer your time and skills to contribute to the cause. This could involve tasks such as event organizing, fundraising, or hands-on activities related to the project. We have women empowerment Center (WEC), Mubaku Adungu Project (MAP), Solar Water Project, Mubaku Community Medical Project, and the school. Collaborate with our Existing Groups even if you can’t directly participate in a project, you can contribute by raising awareness. Use social media, local news outlets, or community bulletin boards to spread the word about important initiatives.