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Share Our Story

There are many ways you can support Mubaku Community, you can buy souvenirs (crafts) from the Women Empowerment Center online and we can send them to your address. Another way is to like and follow our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube page and invite your friends and family to follow our page too as they might want to get involved;





We warmly invite you to come and visit us, we are always happy to see visitors walking in our craft shop, though you might be committed at the place of your accommodation you can stop by when coming from the boat trip and share with us your little time and we shall appreciate it.

Online Fundraisers

Let it be your birthday, anniversary, Giving Tuesday, or just because you’re passionate about making an impact. Choose one of the projects/programs below or build your own on Facebook. You can even build a team to help you raise funds.

Would you like to see the real-life African culture in Uganda? Book one of the cultural tour or gorilla trekking in Uganda. The profit goes back into the community.

With your support, no matter how small, we can achieve big results, so support the Mubaku community today.

Sponsor a child

If we all join hands together, then we are the strong pillar of tomorrow’s future young generation. Your sponsorship will cover tuition, a meal at school, medical, new life skills. As Mubaku Community we make sure what you give reaches the child and builds a relationship with your child through letters and photos. Or you can program with our teacher and have a live chat with your child over the weekend.

Border: USD 150

School fee $50

Meal at school $40

Medical $50

Uniform $10

Day scholar: USD70

School fee $50

Meal at school $20

This tuition fee will change when the child gets upgrade to a higher institution, and we shall send you the fee structure if you still want to continue supporting the child. Sometimes we ask them earlier who they want to become based on their performance in class and we call their parent/guardian and send them to vocational institutes like tailoring, tourism and hotel management etc.


What does the school fee fund for? yet we fund for building construction?

The fee fund helps in facilitating teachers, matrons and patrons, and nurses and other schools administrators.

How do I communicate with the child I sponsored?

You have a chance to build a lasting relationship with your child through shared photos and letters. We hand deliver parcels, mail to pupils by calling their parent/guardian to come and witness from school if the parcel is bulky.

You can send your parcel, Mail to;

Mubaku Community

P. O. Box 26712 Kampala (U)

Tel; +256 755 446 166

Email; info@mubakuvillage.org

We will hand-deliver

Can I send them a gift?

Yes, you can send anything you wish to send to your child, but you have to find out how much it will cost to reach the destinations.

Sometimes, pens, stickers, rulers, books plus other scholastic materials can be cheaper here in Uganda so, we advise you to first ask our team before planning to send.

What happens if I can’t afford to support the child?

We understand things can be out of hand and you may have to discontinue sponsoring the child. If that happens, please contact us and we will begin looking for another sponsor. It will not stop you from communicating with your child. You have built a loving relationship and your letters would be such an encouragement to them.

For more inquiry, please do not hesitate to Contact us