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Uganda lowered Covid-19 restrictions

Uganda has lowered down Covid restrictions, Many businesses today are operating due to the freedom and rights being given to Ugandan in terms of of moving without masks, seating in the taxi or buses without sanitizers , attending crowded places like football matches, burials, shows and being given chance to re- open their small retail business like bars to operate to night and during day.

Uganda lowered Covid-19 restrictions have got chances to re- unite with their families to those who were far away from their homes where the distance could not be moved on foot, this helped them to overcome problem like poverty and famine as they became jobless during the lockdown.

Many tour operators also got chances to receive the tourists to come to Uganda for their honeymoon holidays and those who love adventure to come and visit the beautiful of Uganda the parle of Africa.

Many of those operating taxi and Boda Bodas do not earn their own vehicles and therefore they earn daily income , after having accounted for renting their vehicles and other divers costs, the income they earn is not only low but can fluctuate significant depending on the factors such as congestion , the lowering down restrictions in Uganda helped them overcome the problems they used to face during the difficult time of Covid pandemic.

-By lowering of restrictions the prices of transportation has declined compared to the way the price got raised during lockdown and the number of passengers came back to normal Compared the way it was during lockdown because taxis could carry half of the Passengers as well as the buses too.

Uganda lowered Covid-19 restrictions

  • Many Ugandans today fell released from the pressure which they had during the lockdown restrictions in terms of movements from one destination to another especially those who wanted to travel abroad and to those who wanted to come back to their mother land because they were not allowed to either go or come back unless with vaccination certificates and those without them they were forced to go for them .
  • Many businesses resumed back to work as it was said to at least try to maintain social distancing during the work and also workers to avoid hugging themselves.
  • Many Ugandans learnt how to save the little they earned because during the lockdown they suffered alot more especially to those who were not on government payroll.
  • By lowering down restrictions the prices of fuel decline because during the higher restrictions the fuel tracks were denied to come into Uganda especially those from Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania, so people with machines which consumes fuel suffered alot but during the lowering of restrictions the prices declined a little of it compared to way it was before Covid came it.
  • By lowering down restrictions Schools re- opened which help many of the youth who were still having the chance to study to go back to schools because during the higher restrictions and closing of the school many young Ugandans were deceived and girls got early or unwanted pregnancies which killed many upcoming blood and also letting young girls to remain single mothers.
  • Many people has got chances to work and those who got no job have got some idea to open up their own business like the Women Empowerment Center in Mubaku, and others have got chances to join some big organization.
  • Teachers have resumed back to their good work they used to do for teaching children at schools and hospitals have got good facilities due to the problems they faced during pandemic, this taught the government to learn how to budget their financials as well as providing the facilities which were needed in the hospitals.
  • Covid -19 pandemic kills always remain maintaining the standard operating procedures stay well stay safe.