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We are focusing on Education, Health and Sanitation, access to clean water, and sustainable development in Albert Region. Education is very important for every child whether boy or girl. It is said that some communities in Uganda, still discriminate against the education of the girl child. Children are still struggling to go to school due to the lack of financial support, cultural belief, early child marriages, diseases, far school premises, lack of proper sensitization in the local communities, many parents worry about girls roaming long distances on their own. Many parents also prefer to have daughters taught by women. 95% of the 18.5 million children are not getting a primary school education mostly in rural area. Girls make up 55% of the total and were often the victims of rape and other sexual violence that accompanies armed conflicts, at Mubaku Community Conservation Organization, we look at some of the reasons why girls should get an education and equal gender balance in society.

  1. Education; there is only one government school within the village where there can be up to 100 pupils per class, therefore learning ability can be very limited. Children walk from far distance to access school due to far school in the area. Through your support we have managed to construct 4 class rooms in primary section and 4 classes with women empowering room at the Nursery section and we are on the dormitory.

Even though this village is positioned in a tourist hot spot, due to poor education they can’t take the advantage of the tourism on their doorstep but instead, they encroach the park for bush hunting.

  1. Health care; the nearest hospital is 50km away. Because the road ambulances struggles to arrive and most people in Mubaku do not have access to a vehicle. Most people are unable to seek health care.
  1. Access to clean water; There are no taps in the homes of the Mubaku residents, no pipe water, in fact, there is a lack of water across the entire village. They rely on two boreholes that are in the village as you can imagine before dinner time everyone coming to fetch their water, the bore hole can create huge queues. 2366 population for just 2 bore holes you can foresee the problem.

Some people prefer to avoid the queues and fetch their water from the Nile river, however, there are crocodiles waiting on the banks of the river. Tragically, many villagers have lost their lives to crocodiles by fetching water this way.

What way can you support!

Solar water project

We’re working on raising funds for a solar water pump. This would literally save many lives in Mubaku as hundreds have lost their lives to hippos or crocodiles by trying to fetch water from the Nile river banks. By making a donation to support the solar water project, if you have knowledge in this area, please share with us your expertise https://mubakuvillage.org