About Mubaku Community

who we are!

Mubaku Community Conservation Organization (MUCCO) is not for profit making Community Based Organization (CBO). It was started in 2012 by a group of talented and creative young, old men and women to entertain tourists who come to Murchison Falls National Park and in 2014 it was incorporated in Ngwedo Sub County, Buliisa district with registration number MIA/NB/2017/11/269. By 2015, it attracted great number of local community population and stakeholders to empower it for the growth of the area. Mubaku Community Conservation Organization is located in northwest Uganda, this village lies across Lake Albert from the Democratic Republic of Congo, virtually in the heart of central Africa and bordering Murchison Falls National Park to the southern bank of the River Nile. MUCCO consists of different cultural groups like Alur, Bagungu, Banyoro and Acholi for the purpose of keeping youth busy in the areas to collect resources for development rather than encroaching into the National Park for self-interest. The positive results of MUCCO activities is expected to create educational, cultural, social and economic benefit to bridge and prevent the drastic increase HIV/AIDS, poverty and school dropout.


To impact economic and social transformation through education and environment conservation initiatives to all communities of all our targeted direct and indirect beneficiaries by the use of both natural resources, locally and improved livelihood skills and a variety of other efficient methods of conservation approach.


Addressing social, economic and development needs through environmental conservation and management initiatives of care, support, compassion, education, development of livelihood skills, sharing and services.