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Today at Mubaku community Conservation organization, we are having more in expansion in supporting the local community in various ways, when this organization started and we all questioned which particular areas we would start with as our objectives were on focusing on health, education, sanitation, access to clean water and sustainable development in the surrounding communities in the Albertine region, and yet all the sector was very important to focus on as the priority.

  • Education; The first focus was on education, as many locals around Murchison falls national park revolved into poaching and illegal fishing around Mubaku Village. We managed to raise funds through (MEF) Mubaku Educational Foundation and constructed 4 permanent classrooms as one way of promoting conservation in the young generation.


  • Sanitations; in 2015 we met Angie Nicole Wilkie’s one of our representatives who is based in the UK founded all the borehole repairing in and around Mubaku Village. Now the entire community does not need to go to Nile River to fetch water, this was to save the community from Nile crocodiles.  


  • Mubaku parent Adungu group; in the same year, we planned to start an income-generating activity (IGA) within the locality and managed to form the group and they were given a contract to perform at Murchison River Lodge, Murchison Treehouse lodge, and many other lodges on the southern sector of the park. 


  • Women Empowering Project; This was the top bucket list project which started far way back in 2014, but couldn’t come up first because of the poor management from the women, later in 2016 madam Kasangaki Donata reorganized the group and became the chairperson, instantaneously the project rebounds again and now the group is underway with their first construction Centre after acquiring land alongside the road in Mubaku Village southern sector of Murchison Falls National Park Women Empowering Centre (WEC).


  • Pamoja Safaris; in 2018 the founder of Mubaku Community Conservation Organization Oyer Charles decided to open up travel company to create more job opportunities for the youth and to help the volunteers’ who will be coming to work around Murchison falls national park and the rest of Uganda. Pamoja Safaris is a profitable travel company which has different administration, but still, help the local community in giving support to the projects.