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Uganda is a landlocked country and known as Pearl of Africa bordered by South Sudan to North, DRC Congo to West, Rwanda and Tanzania to the South, and Kenya to the East, lying astride the Equator. Topographically much of Uganda can be classified as a plateau with numerous Hills, Valleys and extensive Savanna plain The entire country lies on 900 meters above sea level generally sloping from South to North. The country lies in a cradle of mountains on East border with Kenya we have Mt Moroto and Elgon which cover an area of 4321 meters above sea level, and the Southwestern the range raising altitude over 2000M. Uganda is a well-watered country with close to 17 % or 51000 sq. km of it is dedicated to swamp or open water.

Experience Africa’s one of the most beautiful countries by volunteering in Uganda. Lush green Uganda is famous for its Gorillas, the bulkiest living primate, as the region from where the great river Nile flows fed by snow-capped mountains, the place where you can witness amazing Sesse Islands and sadly also for rampant poverty despite impressive economic growth of late. Uganda is also home to many different ethnic groups as over forty different languages are spoken in the country, but English still remains the lingua franca. The capital city, Kampala, is vibrant and modern.

In this fascinating land, MUCCO has many meaningful volunteers programs like teaching Children in nursery and primary classes of poor families, spend time with orphans, health project and HIV/AIDS project, empowering women victim of rape, domestic violence, Youth and Women leadership empowerment.

Join one of our volunteer projects and uplift the lives of deprived people while enriching your own life through the experience. You will not only discover what Winston Churchill described as ‘the pearl of Africa’ because of Uganda’s stunning sceneries but also experience a side of Uganda most visitors never get to see by volunteering in meaningful projects. This truly will be an unforgettable experience for you.



In Uganda, many areas are severely lacking insufficient medical services and HIV/Aids awareness. Nearly every family in Ugandan villages and townships has had someone who is sick or has died from HIV. Therefore, education continues as an important weapon in the fight against this prolific disease. MUCCO volunteers work alongside local staff to provide awareness programs at both a community level (to schools, community groups and institutions) and at a personal level (with individual counselling and home visits). The program is divided into four areas and volunteers generally participate in these as they are required and where they have experience/where they feel comfortable.

  • HIV/Aids Education and Awareness
  • HIV/Aids Counselling Training (TOT)
  • Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) and
  • HIV/Aids Community Outreach
Volunteer duties can include the following;

Training members of the community to become peer educators in HIV/AIDS

Nutrition and to be counsellors

Providing outreach to HIV/Aids sufferers, through counselling, cooking, washing clothes, cleaning and delivering food supplies to those infected or affected by HIV/Aids

Compiling information and assisting in printing HIV/Aids awareness materials such as booklets, handouts and brochures which will be given to the Ugandan communities in which you work to prevent the spread and reduce the stigma of HIV/Aids

Educating secondary schools, churches and other community groups about HIV transmission and prevention. This can also include the provision of free HIV blood testing and counselling to schools and other members of the community. NB Due to the specialized knowledge and skills required for the program, volunteers must have a working in history in an HIV/Aids environment or strong background knowledge on the subject.


You should have a passion to serve the community. You must be willing to provide love and care and brighten up the lives of the persons living with or personally affected by HIV/AIDS. There is no specific qualification needed to join HIV/AIDS prevention. However, volunteers must be flexible and patient. You should have passion and love for children.


There are many orphans in Uganda. Many children have been orphaned by the HIV/AIDS epidemic or have been abandoned due to extreme poverty or other unfortunate social situations. Often children are saved from a life of young soldiers or are rescued from human trafficking circumstances. There is an immense need for people to volunteer with Ugandan children Education. In our project of Education (Nursery and Primary School), you help orphans children with daily life and extra-curricular activities. However, the most important thing you offer these poor children is love and attention that they so desperately crave and truly deserve. Resources for orphans are spread thin. Orphanage workers in Uganda do their best, but manpower is low and it is the face to face contact that these children greatly need. Hugs from volunteers working with orphans in Uganda are priceless!

Volunteer duties can include the following;

Volunteers working in MUCCO generally show support by tutoring (mostly English) the children at the school where they are home-schooled and assisting/educating them in areas of personal hygiene (i.e. brushing, flossing their teeth) and life skills.

ou may also help with math, science or other subjects. As a volunteer in the children Education project, you also help with homework and encourage their academic progress.

Afternoons and evenings are fun times. You will organize activities, games, sing-a-longs and dances as well as other creativity-based activities to teach the children.


You should have a passion to serve orphan children. You must be willing to provide love and care and brighten up the lives of the children. There is no specific qualification needed to join the children Education project. However, volunteers must be flexible and patient. You should have passion and love for children.

Who manages the volunteer projects in Mubaku Community Conservation Organization? Mubaku Community Conservation Organization? (MUCCO) Country Coordinator who is Executive Director in Uganda is responsible for researching appropriate volunteer projects as per the qualifications and skills of the applicants.
What are the daily schedules of the project?   MUCCO’s volunteer projects in Uganda are located in the following areas:
     • Mubaku village and neighbouring villages like Ngwedo, Nyamutete, Paraa, Kilyango
     • Buliisa Secondary school community
     • Lakeshore of Lake Albert: Wanseko landing sites, Walukuba, Bugoigoi
     • National park community.
     • Pakwach town dwellers.
What is the language spoken in the project areas?   
  • Lugungu is the spoken local language in Buliisa
     • Lunyoro in Hoima
     • Luo in Pakwach
Note: Educated Ugandans are generally fluent English-speakers.